Duda Mobile Review - What Is Duda?

Duda mobile review is what you're looking for today. You're no doubt interested in what kind of quality website you can get from using Duda. With the company having partnered with some of the tech world's biggest names, it's no surprise to see so many using this website builder.

Duda has a number of products available to use within its stable. But the one we're going to focus on in this article is Duda Mobile – which serves as a mobile-only website builder. This is extremely important in today's smartphone world. With so many more people searching via smartphone browsers, the need to optimise websites to appear clean and professional on a mobile screen is very important. That's because desktop websites are too big for the mobile screen – meaning your visitors need to constantly adjust their phones to see everything. With a mobile-friendly website, your visitors only need to scroll up and down – everything correctly fits the screen size. Duda also offers you a mobile website for free. In return, your website will display a 'Duda' logo at the top. However, you are also limited by how your website looks – free Duda websites use templates so your website will never look dramatically different from others who are also using Duda. However, you can build a unique website on top of Duda's platform. There are a number of web design developers out there who are experienced with Duda and can help you achieve this.

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