Duda Mobile Site Customisation - How Do I Make It Better?

Duda Mobile site customisation is something that many running a Duda-based website seek. Duda offers a great way for businesses to create a mobile website on a budget; but many realise that in order to really tap into those searching on mobile devices, they need to create an experience that is comparable to their desktop site.

There has been a growing appreciation for good quality mobile websites. In 2011, it was estimated that only just over 1% of websites were designed to appear well on mobile devices. By 2012, Duda Mobile's user-driven tools had helped to convert over 1 million websites into mobile-friendly websites. It's now estimated that Duda Mobile helps host more than approximately 4 million web sites; with 100,000 plus mobile-friendly websites created on the platform each month. But with so many using the platform, there's only so much customisation that the basic Duda tools allow – making it hard for some businesses to truly separate their Duda website from others. That's because Duda utilises a drag-and-drop editor – there are only so many unique combinations you can make. This is where web design can really help take your mobile site to the next level. While just mobile optimisation alone was enough to place you above your competitors before, these days many of your competitors will have mobile sites. So now, it is design that is the deciding factor on where potential customers shop. To stand out, you'll want a website that doesn't just look identical to your competitors; you'll want a website that pushes your business' message and its brand.

At Fast Start Up, we appreciate all of these things – given that we are experienced web developers, web designers and graphic designers. We can work on numerous platforms to improve your current website – including the likes of WordPress and Duda. So if you want to make your Duda mobile site stand out, visit http://faststartup.co.uk/, call us today on 0203 372 4870 or email us on admin@faststartup.co.uk.