Duda Mobile Website Builder - An Affordable Way To Run A Website

Duda mobile website builder is a way to develop a good quality, fully-optimised mobile website at an affordable price – offering a way for smaller businesses to connect with customers online. And if you're willing to invest a little extra, you will end up with a website unique to your business and good for your brand.

This is perhaps the most popular way for smaller businesses to develop a mobile site. By early 2012, Duda had helped convert 1 million websites to mobile screens. Many of these websites are run by small-to-medium businesses who don't have the resources to spend big money on costly smartphone/tablet app development. Duda Mobile allows someone to create a website of up to 10 pages and 500 MBs of bandwidth for free. However, the URL to your website must include 'dudamobile.com' at the start of your address. For a small monthly fee, you can get unlimited pages, bandwidth and a unique URL. While the free site is tempting, the small monthly cost of a paid Duda website is extremely important if you want to create a website that appears professional to your customers. Duda also has an added benefit when it comes to web design. There are web developers out there who have experience with Duda and are able to redesign your Duda site. This is important as it allows you to stamp ownership on the website by creating a branded experience that will create confidence in your existing and new customers alike.

One such web developer is Fast Start Up. We are experts when it comes to using the Duda mobile website builder. Our team consists of fully qualified experts who stay up-to-date in all changes within the web development world. Hire us today to help revolutionise the look of your mobile website. You can talk to us on weekdays via admin@faststartup.co.uk or by calling us free on 0203 372 4870. Alternatively, visit our website at http://faststartup.co.uk/ today.