Duda Mobile - What Is Duda Mobile?

Duda Mobile is a fantastically user friendly suite of software that is used for creating multi-screen, mobile websites. Its users are primarily small- and medium-sized businesses who need optimised websites, but which don’t necessarily have a huge budget to play with. Although Duda Mobile does partner with other companies to create its low-cost mobile websites, the ‘DIY’ option is both available and popular. Increasingly, web design is a specialised business, however; so there is much to be said for working with a design agency in order to ensure that you have got everything in the right place before you launch.

Web Design With The Duda Mobile App

Not everyone has the time or the inclination to sit behind a computer screen for many hours designing a new website optimised for the mobile device. With DudaMobile, this isn’t necessary in any case. The Duda Mobile app allows you to convert an existing desktop design to a mobile-friendly website, and it is quick and responsive. All you need to do is enter the URL or address of your site and it’s scanned and built before your eyes. Customising the result is easy with a responsive and innovative drag and drop editor, which saves a lot of time. Content can be moved around and edited until you’re happy with the end result. The app also includes a growing library of modern, funky templates to choose from. The beauty of this is that it’s unlikely you will come across another Duda website that looks the same as yours. Even the colour palettes available to you can be taken from your existing site and blended, giving you the ultimate in control and looks and ensuring your branding remains consistent across your websites. As well as that, there are numerous different backgrounds and fonts to choose from – the choice really is yours (or, if you choose, your web developer’s). Duda Mobile reviews are always excellent, and it is not hard to see why: this web building software is innovative, intuitive, and in line with your design expectations. What’s more, your new mobile site continuously syncs with the desktop version, so changes to the latter update the former automatically.

Some Of The Features Of A Duda Mobile Site

Of course, you can also create a Duda Mobile site from scratch. Whichever route you go down, Duda offers you many advantages over your competition, ensuring your company stands out for all the right reasons. There are a number of excellent different ‘widgets’ that can be added to a Duda Mobile website, giving your customers the options they need to make contact and interact with you. One such widget is the contact form – such an essential tool, especially for mobile users. With Duda Mobile, the contact form can be added using drag and drop and becomes a seamlessly integrated part of the website, easy for mobile device users to use. It’s a great way of making sure potential and existing customers have the power to get in touch with you whenever and wherever they are. Equally, take advantage of the ability to insert maps to your physical location so they can find you too. Integrating the relevant feature from Google Maps lets people know exactly where you are. With Duda Mobile support, you can even add coupons to your site, enticing new customers by offering savings and discounts – these are fully customisable with regards to duration, amount and even what they look like. In fact, the entire Duda Mobile concept means that your site is yours and yours alone, and without having to be an expert in computer languages and coding. Even better is using a web design company such as Fast Start Up – we can employ Duda Mobile to create your perfect responsive, accessible, stand-out website.

Use Fast Start Up For Your Duda Mobile Web Design

In a fast-paced world, web design is only as good as the designer. If you need a helping hand to get your site mobile ready, Fast Start Up is the team you need. Our web design is exceptional, especially when paired with Duda Mobile. We offer superb, streamlined and original web design at a price and a timeframe to suit your budget. See our website at http://faststartup.co.uk/ for more information on exactly what it is we do and why we do it. Contact us on 0203 372 4870 to speak to us about how we make your website dreams a reality. Alternatively, email us at admin@faststartup.co.uk.