Duda One - Helping You Get Professional Websites Faster

Duda One has proved to be a great tool. Introduced in 2014 by the award-winning company Duda, the tool offers an easy, simple and cheap way to create a multi-screen website. This is good news for those looking to establish a website today that will last for years to come.

That's because DudaMobile One's tool allows for the creation of responsive websites. It's thought that nine out of 10 small businesses don't have a website that is optimised for mobile devices. And obviously it can be harder to build on top of an existing website than starting with a fresh one. So now is a good time to launch a new website because many web design developers are thinking with responsiveness in mind. Not only that, but they also have the tools (like Duda's) to easily design and create sites that are optimised to all devices. Those with already established, non-responsive websites, however, face a bit more of a difficult task; because then they have to completely revamp their sites. That's because mobile internet usage is always increasing and has now surpassed desktop internet usage – meaning that when someone arrives at your site, there's a good chance they're viewing from a tablet or a smartphone. A website that doesn't look good on their screen won't inspire them to come back. But with a responsive website, you don't have that problem – your website will look the same across all devices, but will be suited to the screen size.

So if you want to create a website via Duda One, don't make any costly mistakes – hire a professional designer and developer who has experience with Duda. At Fast Start Up, our team have that experience to help you create a professional, easy to use yet beautiful website. To find out more, please visit http://faststartup.co.uk/. Alternatively, if you'd like to chat about your options, please call on 0203 372 4870 or email us via admin@faststartup.co.uk.