Mobile.dudamobile - Is It Your Best Option?

Mobile.dudamobile is something that a lot of owners of small-to-medium sized businesses are curious about. That's because they have heard of the term 'mobile website'. You may not exactly be sure about what the term means – and why you should have one – but there's a good reason as to why you should learn all about your options.

Mobile websites were a problem that didn't need to be considered a decade ago. The threat to brick-and-mortar businesses at that stage was e-commerce and thus every retail business slowly but surely emigrated to the internet. But while that was happening, another opportunity (and potential threat) was appearing – the smartphone. Web design and development experts had no need to consider how a website would look an iPhone or a Samsung. But because websites were built for desktop computers and, therefore, bigger screens, they were not optimised for smartphone screens. Over time, this problem has become a frustration and many mobile users agree that having to deal with such sites is more trouble than it’s worth. With mobile internet usage now outstripping that of desktop internet usage, many companies are now realising the importance of having a mobile-friendly website. But what if you've got a desktop website and don't know how to make it mobile-friendly? Well, you have options. DudaMobile is one of them. It allows for your desktop website to be converted into a mobile version for your mobile device users. Furthermore, the auto-sync feature can assist you to automatically update and optimise your mobile site, with the ability to carry out manual edits to achieve the look you want for mobile users.

Mobile.dudamobile is just one of the options the team at Fast Start Up can help with. We specialise in helping small-to-medium sized businesses make the transition to mobile-friendly in a manner that is professional and unique to their business' branding and goals. To find out more, visit, email us via or call on 0203 372 4870.