Web Design - How Your Website Can Get Ahead

Web design is a fundamental aspect of any business’s website. Whether it’s the landing page for a small start-up or the entire site for an international corporation, any online presence has to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. In the modern day, before visiting a newly-opened restaurant or even the latest blockbuster at the cinema, we go to directly to the company’s webpage to help us decide whether we’d like to try it or not. The appeal and accessibility of your website is key to your business. So how can your website compete with the elite?

The Science Behind Web Development

Before we get into the nitty gritty of web development and design, let’s become familiar with some statistics and get a deeper knowledge of web usage. To get started, the University of Missouri’s study suggests that when users visit a website, it takes them a little less than two-tenths of a second to garner a first impression. That’s no time at all! Numerous studies have also found that a visitor’s eyes start in the top left hand corner when a page has loaded, then the middle-left of the page, and then afterwards they look towards the centre. That means that whatever your web design, the company logo or another eye-catching aspect should generally appear at the left hand side. That’s why Amazon have their product menus to the left, and also why Facebook has the about, photos, and friends section on the left hand side of a profile page. It’s more complicated than meets the eye! But if there’s something to take away from these studies, it’s that positioning is key, and that all graphic design websites must attract the attention of visitors in an extremely short amount of time. There’s absolutely no time to waste in the fast paced online world.

Implementing A Responsive Web Design

So how can your website keep a user engaged? Well, there’s nothing more off-putting than a website that doesn’t load properly, or one that doesn’t fit the screen of a smart-phone, a medium-sized tablet, or the larger screen of a desktop computer. Not only does it leave an impressionable mark on the user, but it also keeps costumers away from potentially purchasing or interacting with your website. And that’s detrimental to your business. To keep your online visitors intrigued and engaged, you must make your site available on all resolutions, all platforms, and all operating systems. The way to achieve a responsive and accessible website is in the small print (and quite literally as well!). Implementing a series of HTML and CSS commands is what stretches and skews the resolution to fit any kind of device. However, do not fear. HTML and CSS are both two of the simplest computer languages to learn, and there is a myriad of walkthroughs on the internet that’ll help you along the way. Alternatively, using the DudaMobile suite or finding a design agency specialising in the Duda Mobile revolutionary software may make for an easier situation. It can turn the design of your website from uninspiringly static to elegantly flexible responsive web design in no time.

Beating The Best In Web Design UK - Being Unique And Having Consistency

Make your website visually stand out from the crowd. Many people use pre-existing templates and themes on sites such as WordPress, and that means that there are thousands of websites that look exactly the same – and there’s nothing worse than déjà vu. Having a website that’s artisanal in design will attract viewers from far and wide – because what’s more attractive than being unique? Imagine your web design as similar to the front of a shop: that’s where the viewer gets their first impressions. And no matter what they say, in some cases, it’s a wise choice to judge a book by its cover! But don’t forget that what’s on the inside matters too. For instance, if certain pages of your website are loading slowly, or there are inconsistencies in the layout, then it’s not doing its job properly. Your website has to be designed and developed for maximum efficiency, otherwise it’s going to hinder your business. If your company doesn’t have the capacity for in-house web design UK or a dedicated developer, then perhaps it’s time to get searching. Simply googling phrases such as “web design service” or “website design UK” will help you understand what kind of technological facilities there are out there, and will get you on your way to web page perfection.

In Over Your Head? Should You Contact A Web Design Company?

Without a doubt! A web design agency will help you get you off the ground if you’re yearning for a bespoke website but lack the necessary IT skills, or if you don’t have enough time to master Photoshop. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a freelancer, a CEO or a hard-working employee, it’s hard to juggle all the aspects of a business at once, so why not employ a helping hand? Web design agencies house the right kind of people to contact when you’re too busy with the actual running of your start-up. This is so that you can carry on delivering results while your web page’s design gets turned up a notch. As we’ve said previously, aesthetics is key to a business’s online presence, and a good website reflects a good company. One such website design company that can provide expert assistance is Fast Start Up – one of the UK’s premier builders of websites. Their broad range of clients are based in interesting and varying sectors such as scenic landscape merchandise, Parisian chauffeuring services, and renewable eco-friendly products. Not only have their clients’ websites been transformed, but the way that they do business has been transformed as well.

Fast Start Up’s Competitive Approach To Web Design

Here at Fast Start Up, we go about all aspects of design in an innovative way that ensures accessibility and modernity. We can tailor your web design to your specified needs so you can have a competitive edge in the online sphere. You can visit our own website by heading to http://faststartup.co.uk/; here’s the place where we host our hefty portfolio, so you can decide whether you’d like to work together! If you’re impressed by what you see and our experience, then why not get in touch? Start a conversation with us by emailing admin@faststartup.co.uk or by contacting us on our London-based landline on 0203 372 4870.