Website Design Company - Make Sure Yours Will Optimise Your Website For Mobile Devices

Website design company is a broad search when looking online. There are many things that you need to look out for when choosing yours; they must understand your vision for one thing. They must also have professional experience in web design and development. And there is one thing that is often forgotten when researching the perfect website agency: they must also be able to make your website work on a mobile device. More and more people are using smartphones and tablets to access the Internet, but if your site is fiddly and unclear on their phone, they will quickly move on to the next one.

Why Optimising Your Web Design For Mobile Devices Is So Important

Just under 60 percent of people using their mobile devices to browse or shop online say they will quit any site that takes longer than three seconds to fully load. What’s more, those same people will also abandon their shopping cart if buying through their phone is difficult because the site isn’t optimised. It makes no difference how good your website design looks on a laptop if it doesn’t work on a smartphone. A good website design company will know this. But it’s something you need to look out for too. Why do mobile users differ from those using a laptop? It begins with speed. Someone logged onto a personal computer will generally have more time – and possibly more patience – to browse online. However, if someone is using their smartphone, they will most likely be on the move and need the answer to their question more quickly, and in an easily readable format. A responsive web design agency and company should take that into account when creating your website, and ensure that there is a mobile version of the site. Surveys show that mobile users spend more money online than those using a laptop – it’s about instant gratification and impulse buys that wouldn’t necessarily occur if they were at home. So if your site doesn’t respond as they expect, lucrative sales are easily lost. A custom web design company offering you all the tools you need to sell your products should always include mobile device optimisation as a standard part of any design and development package.

A Professional Web Design Company Won’t Let Your Competitors Win Your Customers

A web designing company should have your best interests in mind when they are creating, designing and developing your website. There are so many web design agencies online that, apart from doing excellent work and having a fantastic website of their own, the best way for them to rise above the competition is by word of mouth. So a professional web design company will want you and your website to succeed. Mobile device optimisation is part of that success. More than one billion Internet users worldwide browse using their phone each day. It’s something they can do at any time, even whilst carrying out other tasks such as watching TV. They might spot something on a show or advert, decide they want it, and immediately purchase it through their smartphone. It is also a way for clients and customers to engage more with your brand if you have both a mobile and desktop version of your site – it shows that you have thought about making your customer’s experience with you a good one. Say your website is difficult to navigate without a large screen and a mouse; or it takes too long to load. Perhaps the screen on a smartphone needs to be resized a number of times throughout the transaction? Then this all counts against you, and your potential customer will go elsewhere. They may even warn others not to bother with your website. Fast Start Up is a web design agency that will routinely optimise your site for mobile use as part of your design and development package.

Fast Start Up Is A Website Design Company That Puts Its Clients First

When it comes to web design, we at Fast Start Up know how to create the ultimate website both for desktop use and for use on mobile devices. With knowledgeable designers, expert developers and an unparalleled understanding of how the website market works, we are the only website design company you will need. Our website ( is fully optimised and contains all the information you might want about us and our services. Contact us on or 0203 372 4870 to discuss how we can help you. Whether you want a website designed from scratch, or development of your existing site, we have the skills to get it done.