Website Design UK - How Do You Know It’s Right?

Website design UK based companies can either give you a fully functional, user friendly, attractive and memorable website, or they can give you the opposite: something that potential clients would rather forget. Choosing an expert, professional website creation agency makes all the difference between getting it absolutely right and seeing a return on your investment; and getting it terribly wrong, losing not just money but customers and reputation too. Web designers and developers will find it much easier to create your website if you follow the web design rules. They are easy to understand, and will give you the website you want.

The Web Design Rules For Website Designers - What Are They?

In order for the web agency you are working with to fully understand and deliver your dream website, you need to give clear and concise instructions and your ideas need to be as fully realised as possible. This is where the web design UK wide rules come in. The first and perhaps most important rule is to keep it simple. It may be tempting to get creative and ask your designer and developer to give you a website that is stunning to look at. But if it is also difficult to use, then your customers won’t appreciate its great appearance. They will go elsewhere. Website design companies UK wide will freely offer advice and suggest ideas. Even if the suggestion is one you aren’t sure of initially, ask for more information and it may be that this simpler idea is the best one for you. The next rule is that there should not be too much information on your website, at least not on the homepage. If someone has gone to your site to buy something, they want to be able to find the product and finish the transaction without getting side-tracked by too much information. Ask your website designer UK based to add an ‘about me’ page to your site, where you can let your customer know all about you if they want to know. Otherwise, leave the homepage and the product pages uncluttered as much as possible. The third rule is to guide your customer. Make it easy for them to navigate your site.

UK Website Design Will Work For You - More Rules That Will Help

The rules mentioned above are the most important – these rules will get your UK website design off to a great start. But there is more involved. You must plan your website as much as possible in advance – even before you speak to a web designer. This way, once you have narrowed down your search and decided which design company to contact, you will already have a clear idea of what you want. This makes it much easier to explain what you’re looking for to the website design company UK. Planning includes understanding what you want to achieve, working out who is going to visit your site, how to convert visitors to buyers, and what your marketing strategy is. You also don’t want to distract your potential customer or client from their main objective on your website, which is to spend money. So aim to guide viewers through the site without any confusing extra menus or windows which could quite easily distract them and start them browsing elsewhere. If your site is focused on your products and services, so will your customers be. Finally, be easy to find. Don’t have a confusing name that doesn’t relate to you or your product, and make sure you use keywords, keyphrases, and SEO tips to give yourself the extra boost that may be needed when you are competing against others in your field. A web design company such as Fast Start Up will be able to ensure that you keep to these rules and create a superb, successful website.

Bespoke Website Design UK Services From Fast Start Up

When you have considered all the rules of web design and are ready to contact a professional web design and development company, call Fast Start Up. Not only are we experts in our field, but we understand how to get the best out of your ideas while still offering an end product that is attractive, bespoke and unique, as well as being totally user friendly and mobile optimised. Website design UK wide is what we do, and we do it well. Take a look at our website ( and see how we could help you achieve your objectives. Contact us on 0203 372 4870 or